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Batik Nusantara Indonesia

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1 . batik Aceh

Aceh Batik producing colors that tend bold , red , green , yellow , pink . Aceh batik motifs usually found on the cloth symbolizes the philosophy of its society . Motive door for instance , measurements show that low level higher door . Figurative motifs become much less wind ventilation in each custom home , this motif presuppose that the Acehnese people tend to easily accept differences . Jeumpa flower – flower motif Urussanga , taken as abundant in aceh . Strong influence of Islam also colored batik motifs of them suckers shaped decorative motives , circle, and line.

2 . batik Bengkulu
Besurek cloth , Kanganga Batik ( Batik Rejang LEBONG ) . Besurek own special cloth nuance calligraphic motifs Jambi and Cirebon . Adoption is finally formed a special batik design Bengkulu . Kanganga a special batik motif that is the form of original letters Region. Besurek fabric motif that reads Arabic letters that can be read , the fabric is very sacred , especially in the application of custom bridal and ceremonial cloth to cover the body . This type of fabric usually shaped bridal veil women candidates who applied for the ritual pilgrimage to feed the ancestors . This kind of fabric can not be used indiscriminately .

3 . batik Jambi
Batik Kerinci ( Jambi West district ) . Jambi batik cloth policies given natural dyes from plants and fruits such as rubber wood and sagas . Special colors : red , yellow , blue , black . Jambi batik motifs are generally taken from nature, such as plants, animals and people everyday activity Jambi . The motive is a regular or called ceplokan . Jambi batik motifs are very well known is distant ship motif , ornate Kuau , durian broken , peacock ngeram , tampok mangosteen .

4 . Batik Course .
Field batik colors mostly black , yellow , red , purple . Banyumasan pattern , Indramayuan , Solo , Yogya .

5 . Batik Bali,
Batik batik in Riau there are unfortunately hide reportedly already disappeared and Batik Curtain . Batik scenes more vivid and bright colors like red , yellow , green . Riau batik patterns and motifs are flowers star , sosou , Cempaka , kenduduk That glimpse of batik in Indonesia . How in Java ? Oops , do not be asked again. He said , batik was born in Java . Javanese women in the past made ​​their skills in batik as livelihood , so in the past batik work is exclusively for female employment .

West Java
1 . Banyumas batik
Normal Banyumas batik batik is often referred to Banyumasan . Banyumasan special color that is dark brown batik . Batik Banyumasan also dominant with black and golden yellow Banyumasan Typical batik batik style inspired from Yogya, Solo and Lasem . Banyumasan original batik cloth stamped back and forth .

2 . batik Ciamis
As for Ciamis Batik motif is a mixture of batik in Central Java and the influence of their own particular area Garutan motifs and colors .

3 . batik Cirebon
Batik Cirebon coast in there , Batik and Batik Trusmi Keratonan . Fabric colors are bright and cheerful outline , red , pink , sky blue , green extinct . Traditional batik colors centralized in three colors ie beige , black , and brown . Batik Keratonan usually brown or golden Soga .
Offshore batik influenced by Chinese culture . Motives are more independent , representing coastal communities are egalitarian . Many motives marked with pictures of flora and fauna such as marine and terrestrial animals , fish , trees , stripping leaves . Coastal Batik : Batik Pekalongan bethetan Kedung Wuni , Motive Gloves Cirebonan , Bethetan Demak .
Batik palace influenced by Hindus and Muslims. Motives tends to rock ( before the rock ) , car Yaris lion , dragon any further , parks and anyam arum mat. Batik Keratonan : Motive algae .
Two well-known motive Cirebon is Wadas and Mega Lion Pattern Cloudy . Lion motif patterns Wadas is officially the Sultanate of Cirebon ( Kasepuhan ) that form from the palace Kasepuhan Lion Barong . This motif is thick with shades of brown, black and beige .
Cloudy Mega motives that are not found in other areas , namely cloud -shaped motif that coagulate – blob that usually form the main frame of the picture . The motive is getting influence from palace – palace in Cirebon . This motif is rich in red, blue , violet , and gold .

4 . Garut batik or Garutan
Bright and full of color on the other side , a feature typical batik Garutan . Dominated by beige or ivory base color ( mix as ) , blue , red and quite Soga . The existence of purple on the pattern / design batik garutan .
Garutan batik motifs are Limar , Peacock Ngibing depicting a pair of peacocks were dancing . Then there is a demonstrated pattern of feather birds that long and dilengkung half circle . In addition, there is also adumanis slopes , slopes suuk , calung slopes , slopes leaves, narrow manggu , room , rub universe , and other peteuy slopes . Motifs which are presented as special features geometric shaped decorate modes . Other forms of Garut batik motif is the flora and fauna. Generally leads to a geometric form diagonal lines and Kawung or lozenge form .

5 . Indramayu Batik : Batik Dermayon , Batik Paoman
Batik initially Paoman only have two colors , ie the color of the cloth and color motif. Color is still traditional motifs , such as dark blue or dark brown . Now the colors in batik Paoman more diverse .
Features that stand out from Indramayu Batik variety of flora and fauna is expressed in a flat , with lots of curves and lines tight handcuffs ( riritan ) , white background and dark colors and many points made ​​by cocolan needle technique and form isen – isen ( sawut ) are short and stiff . Wadasan motive , iwak ketong , machete damaged . Batik motifs in Indramayu , many get great influence from the picture or calligraphy of the Arabic , Chinese or province of Central Java / East Java . Majority of batik motifs used in batik Indramayu describe fishing activities at sea.
Some batik motifs that characterize the special Coast Indramayu Batik motifs of which are Etong ( fish , shrimp , squid, crab , etc.) , Ship Fail , Ganggeng ( seaweed ) , Expand Gunda ( plants that live on the beach) , and Loksan . Special batik Indramayu also depicting everyday activities such as swastika motif , peacock motif Ngibing , Kencana Car Motif and Motif Teak Rombeng .
Geometric decorative motives in Indramayu Batik , among others : latticework , fluffy cotton , sijuring , door king , obar – Abir and Kawung .

6 . Batik or Batik SUMEDANG Kasumedangan
With the color red cloth , batik motif that is patterned ceplokan Kasumedangan main motive in the background vertical, horizontal or plain , and found symbolic meanings of the motifs .

7 . Tasikmalaya Batik : Batik Tasikan , Batik Karajinan ( Wurug ) , Batik Sukaraja / Sukapura
( Write special Batik Tasikmalaya ) color base cloth red, yellow , purple , blue , green , orange and Soga . And bright colors but still classic with blue dominance . Batik Sukapura : distinctively red, black , brown .
The motive is thick with nuance Parahyangan like orchids and birds , besides some peacock motif – ngibing , Cala – Culu , Banana – bali , Sapujagat , Awi Ngarambat .
Batik Lake has its own specificity that is motivated nature, flora , and fauna. Lake is similar to batik batik Garut just different from the color , more vivid color Batik Lake .
Oh Yeah , in Banten also own batik industry . I just almost forgot to explain.

8 . batik Banten
Special motive motive datulaya namely Banten , policy rhombus -shaped flowers and circles in the figure climbing tendril leaves with blue base color , variations on the motif – suckers suckers figure leaves gray on the bottom of the yellow cloth . Actually there are 75 decorative motives batik Banten Tumpal pliers and rhombus -shaped , but now only 12 motifs produced namely: datulaya , pamaranggen , pasulaman , kapurban , pancaniti , mandalikan , pasepen , surasowan , kawangsan , Duta , sabakingking , and pejantren .
Datulaya derived from the Datu and Laya . Datu means prince and Laya are homeless
Yuuk we moved to Central Java , do not get bored yah to continue to gather . In Central Java there Brebes batik or batik known by the name salem, KARANGANYAR batik , batik Klaten , Lamongan batik , batik Lasem , Pekalongan batik , batik Purworejo , Batik Semarang , Solo batik , batik and batik SRAGEN Tegal .

And expansion history of batik in the Regency KARANGANYAR experiencing growth that is from animal painting patterns and crop sooner or later switch to abstract motif that resembles a cloud , temple reliefs , wayang beber and so forth . Furthermore, through the merger with art decoration painting designs clothing , batik art emerged as we know it today.

2 . batik Lasem
Three State batik fabric beige base color , yellow . Dengn pattern color combination of red, blue , yellow , green . Patterns or motives of flora , fauna , the dragon

3 . batik Pekalongan
A variety of fabrics and bright colors , red , yellow , green , blue , pink, etc. . Color Batik Pekalongan who first appeared is red brick and brown . Pekalongan batik motif ancient motif that is when you first appear in Pekalongan batik . The motive is usually shaped Netherlands or the Dutch army with all their attributes , or even army tanks shaped motif . Motive Pekalongan now more likely to flower motif or motifs common buketan masayarakat mention .

4 . batik Semarang
Dominated by shades of brown and black , yellow and green with hoods motive stocks

5 . batik Solo
Dominated Saudagaran Soga batik color ( brown ) and dark blue . Solo batik motifs are sidomukti , sidoluruh , slopes. Kebumen batik motifs are trees , and birds . The motifs are prohibited prohibition is made ​​or motive : motive Barong Machete , Machete Udan Broken and lyrical .
Saudagaran bold batik design impressed the selection form , stilisasi on natural objects or animals , as well as color combinations . Batik saudagaran appear in Surakarta and Yogyakarta province .
6 . Tegal batik
Moor batik fabric base color black and white . Batik moor dominated by shades of brown and blue . Other special features of batik is colorful moor . Patterns or rengrengan big picture and widened . Many motives mangadaptasi from a variety of flora and fauna in the vicinity of life in the city of Tegal . Grudo motif ( Garuda ) that exhibit vivid colors shapes and wings of an eagle motif Gribigan woven bamboo with special design is quite dark in color . Other motives such as tiger claws , kebo site , mawur rice , ukel , rock bursts, pledge , cecek awe, LOL , pier, grandilan , tan hampered , buntoro , beard sack , coffee breaks , tea leaf pattern , teapot , white Cempaka , thread pedhot , inflorescences Pimple .

7 . batik Yogyakarta
Batik Tha Thit ( Gunung Kidul ) , Batik grimace ( Dusun Pijenan ) , Batik Bantulan ( Bantul ) Color white base fabric , fabric motifs dominated sepia , and black . Batik while Giriloyo black base color separation . There are 400 special Yogyakarta batik motifs .
Yogya batik motif classic motif that is a machete , geometric motifs , latticework motif , the motif of vines, water plant motifs , floral motifs , the motif of animals in the ecosystem, baboons angrem , Mendut , tumurun revelation , bali banana , etc. .
Common motif used : like sido Asih , keongan , ciptoning , curvature alus , Sidomulyo , mukti , sidomukti . Prohibited motive batik made ​​or prohibitions are : motives such as cement stucco and decorative motives peksi Slaugtering huk


East Java
1 . batik Banyuwangi
Batik Elephant Policy Uling white cloth with elephant motif uling . Elephant uling uling the word elephant and that is a kind of snake that lives in water , a kind of eel . The feature is shaped like a question mark in the form of an elephant’s trunk philosophical and thus form uling . Other motifs found in Banyuwangi batik cloth that is butterfly – butterfly , suluran ( a type of seaweed ) , manggar ( nut / coconut flower )

2 . batik Madura
Tanjungbumi batik , Batik Genthong , Batik Color Crystals used mostly taken from nature . To red hearts taken from the cactus plant , dark green of the trees Mondo , and black color which is a mixture of red, green and red floral pattern rely Batik Madura unique foliage . In this area there are some of the oldest batik motifs ramok ie , Tasikmalaya , spread jagab , seaweed , okel and lintrik banner .

3 . batik Mojokerto
Batik Kalangbret bottom white and brown color pattern and dark blue . Majan and Simo batik , color red babarannya

4 . Pacitan Batik : Batik Parikesit
Pacitan special batik classic types like motifs belong Sidomulyo , finite answer was invariably , cement romodan fluffy – fluffy.

5 . batik Ponorogo
Batik Cap Blue Mori ( Batik Product) The famous Ponorogo batik making is because nilanya staining that do not fade . Ponorogo batik motifs are birds and flowers decorative motives

6 . batik Sidorajo
Sidoarjo batik rely on the yellow and red brick

7 . batik Tuban
Gedog batik batik color rather darkness Gedog gelapan . Dominated batik motifs of birds and flowers. Gedog batik motif that is panjiori , Kenongo uleran , ganggeng , krentil banner , banner oblique , and Komal banner . Last three motifs previously only worn by princes and flag motif batik indigo colored krentil believed to cure illness .

8 . batik Tulungagung
Sogan colored (brown ) and dark blue ( wedelan ) .
With the motive Lung (plants ) and flowers in the background or Dasa cecek that are characteristic of Batik Tulungagung . Special batik decorative motives Tulungagung district is unity of motive motive motive truntum with ceplok or Kotang . Until a new motif .

Batik Indonesia

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