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On the Street

by : PakdheBudi Kayamara. Posted in : Uncategorized

I shot on the Street.
Unposed and in public area.
I search the moment, waiting the moment, with a big temptation to create and little bit manipulate the moment. Haha
So, may I called my self as a street photographer?

Hmmm… IDC. I dont care.
Coz, actually i like to shot in the street, because sometime you can got many lessons in there, from the people and their activity on the street.

Free and honest lessons.
What you have to do is just move your a$s, go outside and lets the street show you their story.

Like yesterday, i get a lesson about how you react if something that you planned before is not running well.
The situation:
You in a big Carnival event, but then come the rain. A heavy rain.

So, which type of people are you :


Person 1 : Your spirit drop and down, like the most of the pople.



Person 2 : You dont care with the other’s feeling, you just enjoy your self.



Person 3 : You ll be the sun, you on fire, you lift up your own spirit and then you motivate the others to keep up their spirit.


That 3 types of person has their own stage on the street.
I just try to catch their character through my lens.

The answer’s key to describe which one are you is your level of maturity. In my honest opinion.

– ferry dp –


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